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Dj Twin Gent: Male DJs should not be surprised if they run out of event dates, because…!



Dj Twin Gent, what does nightlife saying these times?
– Like night life, different from the day life but much richer with music and adrenaline.
– Have you managed to understand which city likes the night life the most?
– Since I perform in many cities, I have come to the conclusion that the city of Elbasan is the place where the night life is liked the most, because people are more active when there are environments where DJs perform or there are well-known invited singers.

– Taking into account the fact that there are very few female DJs in Albania, do you think this is a man’s world? In your opinion, is it difficult for girls to become famous DJs?
– I believe that there is no hard work or work for men or women, especially when we talk about dancing. If he has the right passion, it can be done, but it is a matter of will. The second is that there are very few female DJs in Albania, but there is something, female DJs are in high demand in the music market recently, and male DJs should not be surprised when they run out of event dates.

– Why do you think this will happen?
– Because many male DJs have been added and this happens due to the fact that there are no licenses or diplomas to be a real DJ for the market both inside Albania and abroad!

– List the 5 hit songs of this season…
the most favorite ones and that you play every evening….
– The 5 hit songs of this season that we just passed are:
1 Farruko-Pepas
2 Gala- Freed from desire
3 David Guetta & Bebe Rexha – I’m blue
4 Shouse- Love tonight
5 Nooran Sisters- Patakha Guddi remix

-And since there are many streams and it is more difficult to find original music… How difficult is it for you to keep the “roots”, the originality in your creations, without being affected by copies?
-Now in this time that we are in, music has advanced a lot. Almost every day there are new and good hits from real DJs and producers and it’s not hard to find original music. In order to preserve the originality of my creations, they are protected with full rights by me and are licensed and private so there is no chance for anyone to copy them😃

– The coolest place where you worked?
– I don’t believe I’ve worked in any place that wasn’t cool (Smiles) Now everything is cool in the nightlife…
– The most wanted singers of this season for concerts…

– The most preferred singers were Dafina Zeqiri and Mc Kresha! These are beasts on stage, according to me!

– Do you have anything important to say at this moment to the readers?
– For the readers, I want and must say, enjoy life as much as possible, listen to music, have fun and don’t be stressed!
– The closest project, when is it expected to come to life?
– The closest project comes with a colleague of mine who is a super producer, his name is Andi Dhoska. We have a very special project, maybe a bit modern with an oriental feel, but that’s all I can say for now…! We will be heard soon by music and read about new projects.

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